Hello webspace wanderer !
Ivana Kruljac
I’m Ivana Kruljac, Full Stack Web Develeoper from Croatia, now based in Germany. My real power lies in Frontend. Without doubt, Frontend is my playground, my happy place, a place where my creativity is endless.
Nevertheless, for the last 2+ years I work mostly as a Full Stack on various types of applications based on node.js, API, NPM and mongoDB technologies. Of course, projects based on Wordpress are always ongoing and have special place in my heart.
Residence: Nuremberg, Germany
Contact: kruljac.ivana@gmail.com
Coding & Design Skills
Responsive (mobile) and adaptive design
PSD (slicing) to HTML & CSS & JS (integration)
Photoshop | Krita (Linux)
HTML (templates: Haml, Nunjucks, Pug, EJS ...)
active Wordpress (+ Multisite Network)
active NodeJS (frameworks: ExpressJS, KoaJS)
learning ReactJS (framework: NextJS)
not active VueJS (framework: NuxtJS)
Git, Gulp, Docker
SEO (requirements, integration)
Language Skills
Croatian (native)
Slavic (Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Macedonian)
Feb 2018 - Present
Full Stack Web Developer
Marktplatz Mittelstand GmbH & Co. KG
Nuremberg, Germany
Feb 2015 - Feb 2018
Junior Web Developer (full stack)
Marktplatz Mittelstand GmbH & Co. KG
Nuremberg, Germany
Jun 2014 - Present
Full Stack Web Developer
Jun 2013 - Jun 2014
Junior Web Developer (frontend)
Gauss Development
Osijek, Croatia
May 2012 - Jun 2013
Concept Manager
Gauss Development
Osijek, Croatia
Jan 2012
Master's Degree in Computer Science
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Osijek, Croatia
Dec 2008
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Osijek, Croatia
As I am a code lover, I am also a huge nature, animal and planet lover. So, if I don't work, I usually spend my time in nature, hike, enjoy long walks or I do some sport activities. I was born on this specific planet as third-density being to gain experience (as we all are) and with knowing this, my mind/body/spirit complex resonates in a way to seek and share love and oneness of all things. We are all one. We are all manifestations of the One Infinite Creator. We are the Creator.
NOTE: I did this site in order to play around with nuxt.js (framework for vue.js) and to see what this framework is capable of. You can see or download the code from git:
git clone https://gitlab.com/kruljac.ivana/ivananuxtsite.git
So with that being said, you can: